Phase 1: Exisiting Conditions Analysis

  • Review current plans relevent to Fort Atkinson's parks system and incoprotate all applicable recomendations and policies. You can find these plans in the bottom right hand corner of this page. 
  • Complete an inventory and evalution of existing park facilites.  
  • Develop maps of Fort Atkinson's exisiting parks, trails, and types of recreational facilities available in each park, as well as park service areas based on population.

Phase 2: Parks Needs Assessment 

  • Develop a profile of prospective park users using the information gathered in Phase 1.
  • Conduct a quantitative analysis of park land per acre available to current and future City residents. 
  • Conduct a geographic analysis of location of parkland and amenities relative to where residents are living.

Phase 3: Public Enagement 

  • Adminster a survey to gather input and opinions about exisiting and desired park and recreation faclities. 
  • Engage with Fort Atkinson residents at community pop-up events.
  • Hold focus groups with stakeholders, such as youth sports organizations and local school districts.

Phase 4:  Preliminary Recomendations & Draft Plan

  • Develop a preliminary list of recomendations for improving Fort Atkinson's parks systems based on the information gathered in Phased 1-3 and begining drafting the final report. 

Phase 5: Plan Adoption 

  • Present the final plan to the City of Fort Atkinson Parks and Recreation Board for final review. 
  • Following the recommendation of the Parks and Recreation Board, the City Council will officially adopt the Fort Atkinson CORP by resolution.
Phase 1

May - June 2022

Phase 2

June 2022

Phase 3

June - July 2022

Phase 4

August - December 2022

Phase 5

January  2023